Paint Dauber Prototype
Shootz Tools began in the fall of 2008 in Honolulu Hawaii at the home of John Miller. As a former successful paint store manager and industrial and marine sales representative, Mr. Miller saw the need for a versatile tool that would allow industrial and marine painters to apply coatings to various difficult to reach areas. There needed to be a tool that could bend and flex and get into tight or inaccessible areas. Thus, the creation of the “Flexible handle” or “Squirrels Tail” was designed.
The flexible handle also needed a tip or application head to transfer thick epoxy and/or urethane coatings with high solvent strength and be able to hold ample amounts of materials. Pure Australian sheepskin was chosen as the best material for transferring the material to the substrate. Sheepskin, thou more expensive than polyester or other fabrics, is able to absorb and transfer paint & coatings more effectively over longer periods of time.
Mr. Miller also envisioned the applicator tip to be replaceable so that the handle could be used over and over again. In addition the idea to have various kinds of replaceable applicator tips was part of the initial plan. The “flexible handle” along with the “lamb’s wool box tip” has been sold to industrial & shipyard workers from Maine to Hawaii since September of 2010.