Product Features

Shootz Flexible Handle

Made of plastic and aluminum, the flexible handle is 14” long with the plastic handle portion being 5”, much like a normal paint roller handle. The bendable/flexible aluminum shaft is 9”. When the aluminum is bent, or shaped to the desired direction for painting, the aluminum is strong enough to hold its form when applying coatings to the substrate, and can be re-bent over and over again to different positions. The base of the handle can receive a standard male screw fitting for extension poles for painting in high to reach areas.

 Lamb’s Wool Applicator Tip

Made of plastic and 100% pure lamb’s wool the box tip snaps on the end of the “Flexible Handle” and can be discarded or cleaned for re-use. To remove the applicator tip, simply grab the tip in your hand and twist to break the pin connections. The tip is designed with high quality lamb’s wool for the pickup and release of industrial paints and coatings and intended as an inexpensive disposable applicator tip.